Google AdWords Ad Preview Tool

What is the Google AdWords ‘Ad Preview Tool’, and how does it work?

The Google AdWords Preview Tool allows AdWords account holders to view how their ad will display in search engine results pages (SERPs) without accruing impressions. The tool is important if you have multiple ad types and you are constantly editing and fine tuning your ads as extra impressions can skew your data and present an inaccurate click through rate (CTR) for your ad campaign.

Since the introduction of the Google Places, the results displayed in Google search results is often dependent on where we are located. The Google AdWords Ad Preview Tool presents generic versionbs of ads that displayed for searchers most of the time.

The Google AdWords Keyword Tool Keeps The Integrity Of Account Data

The tool allows you to target any keyword, regardless of match type and whether or not it is in your campaign, to learn what is generally showing for that search term.You can target your ads based on IP location which effectively lets you view how your ads would display in different geographic locations – ads you would not normally see by looking at Google SERPs because of place-based search results.

The AdWords Preview Tool is a great way to look at the positions of your ads, and the keywords that are prompting them, without altering your campaign data. Most importantly though, the Ad Preview Tool is fantastic for looking at ads that you are not normally privy to – such as if you are advertising interstate. The tool allows you to look at the way your ads are displaying in a specific area – including overseas and in different languages. You can also check how your ads will display on mobile devices.

As an example, if you sell wheel chairs throughout Australia, but are based in Victoria, and you want to see how your ad is being shown in Darwin, you can go to ‘Regions’, pick Northern Territory and then from the ‘Cities’ tab, pick Darwin. In most states, you can even pick larger suburbs! To use the Ad Preview Tool, click here, or select it under ‘Reporting and Tools’ in your AdWords account interface.

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