Google AdWords Ads Not Showing

There are a number of reasons why Google AdWords ads don’t display

Often AdWords users find themselves in the same, ultimately frustrating, situation: everything in your account looks fine on the surface, lists of keywords, great ads but for some reason you have no impressions. Why are my AdWords ads not showing?

Here are a few checks to help ensure your AdWords ads are displayed

There are several ways to prevent your AdWords ads from not showing; here are a few:

Look through your negative keywords. If you have broad match negative keywords, check that they do not include a keyword that is in the majority of your keywords. For example, if you sell diamonds and have the broad match negative keyword cheap diamonds, keywords containing diamond will not show.

The most common reasons for AdWords ads not showing is budget problems. Check that you do not have a failed credit card payment, or that your budget has not been depleted.

The display URL does not match the destination URL and is preventing your AdWords ads from showing. For instance, your display URL says, when your destination URL is You can still have the SaleNow at the end, but your display URL should instead look like this: It is necessary to include the .au, but not the www.

Hopefully checking through these items above means that your AdWords ads are now showing and delivering new traffic to your website. If you want specialist service and advice with setting up Google AdWords for your business, contact today on 1300 650 274.

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