Google AdWords Certified Partner

Q. What is a Google AdWords Certified partner?

A. Google AdWords Certified Partner is a person/company, certified by Google to have extensive knowledge of AdWords and have a deep understanding of how to be highly proficient at using the program.

To become a Certified Partner of Google AdWords, users must have both practical and education knowledge of AdWords. They will have completed all modules in the AdWords Learning Centre, and be a regular user of AdWords. There are four forms of AdWords Certification – the first of which is the basic model; a challenging exam that encompasses any area of AdWords. This is known as the ‘Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam’.

The second format has three exams, which focus on different areas of AdWords and can expand the user’s knowledge in more areas; ‘Display and Advertising Advanced Exam’, ‘Search Advertising Advanced Exam’ and ‘Reporting and Analysis Advanced Exam’. If choosing to undertake professional AdWords management, it is essential to choose a company where managers are experts in their fields so you can be confident your ad campaign is being managed by a qualified professional.

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