Google AdWords Conversion Tracking

What is Google AdWords Conversion Tracking, and why should I use it?

Conversion tracking allows AdWords users to track different types of conversions; whether these are sales or enquiries. While conversion tracking doesn’t include cost data (such as the more intelligible e-commerce tracking), there is a possibility to apply cost data.

For instance, an average sale might make you $40, so a conversion is worth $40 to you. Therefore, if it’s costing you $40 per conversion, you quickly realise that your AdWords is not profitable. Conversely, if your website is built on enquiries (eg trade quotes), you might apply cost data of what an average job is worth.

Even without cost data, conversion tracking is tremendously helpful in understanding the rate at which your websites converts. You can quickly install conversion tracking by clicking on Reporting & Tools, Conversions. It is essential for accuracy to place the code on a page directly after a sale/enquiry, such as a thank you page.

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