Google AdWords Filters

What are AdWords filters, and how do they work?

Filters in Google AdWords allow pay-per-click (PPC) campaign managers to look at specific subsets of data relevant to the campaign they are working on. Filters can be used in conjunction with other filters to create a subset of data which may provide insights into the behaviour of searchers.

As an example, consumers searching Google for low involvement products may be more inclined to click on an ad that catches their eye as being relevant, whereas for high involvement products, searchers might read and compare ads before clicking through. Deliberating over such a decision is more likely to be the behaviour of someone making an investment rather than a quick purchase.

Filters help you delve deeper into what does and doesn’t work in your AdWords campaign

How is that relevant to filters? Well your maximum bid affects the average position of your ads and ultimately the cost incurred. So you want to be sure that the average position and click through rate (CTR) are following a reliable trend. In this instance you could filter by CTR and average position to determine if the ads in the best positions are the ads with the best CTR. Generally it is the case but discovering that it isn’t the case may save you money.

Filters allow you to section your ad campaigns, and subsequently view results based on that. For instance, if you own a restaurant chain, you might do a campaign across the state of Victoria, and have ad groups for every one of the suburbs you have a restaurant in.

However, you might decide that you would like to see the results of your AdWords campaign via suburbs. For instance, in you may have restaurants in Melbourne CBD, Richmond, St Kilda, Fitzroy, Brighton and Camberwell.

In this instance, you could filter your campaign based on each suburb allowing you to see which ads work best and for where. It’s important to understand the demand and popularity of your product or service in the suburbs you target as this can influence the data presented.

Filtering allows you to omit and include results based on any number of factors. Filters are also not just limited to traffic – you can also see which campaigns/ad groups are costing the most and receiving the highest number of impressions. offer FREE AdWords Health Checks – call today!

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