How to Use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool

Bring new customers to your website with The AdWords Keyword Tool

The Google Adwords external keyword tool is a fantastic resource for helping businesses assess the potential market opportunity available from Google for your product and or service.

FACT – Most Australian businesses do not use the keyword tool effectively because:

  • They only target high volume broad match keywords
  • The conversion rate of keywords is not considered
  • The potential profitability of keywords is not considered
  • The level of competition to bid or rank for certain keywords is underestimated
  • The keywords are not segmented effectively

What does the AdWords Keyword Tool do?

There are various keyword tools on the web but the most useful is Google’s own keyword tool which is available within the Google AdWords interface here.

The Google AdWords keyword tool helps to generate keywords relevant to your business – keywords you might not otherwise think of. While the keyword tool is a part of Google AdWords, it can also be used as part of your keyword research for SEO purposes.
Google’s keyword tool is free to use and gives statistical monthly figures on local and global search numbers for a given key phrase. It also gives a measure or competition – which might help to identify specific niches that you can target for easy wins, if relevant to your business.

How to use the Google Keyword Research Tool

The Google AdWords Keyword Tool is possibly the most important tool, besides Google Analytics, for determining what customers search in your line of business. Analytics will reveal what keywords existing site visitors are using to land on your website, but the AdWords tool for suggesting keywords may identify other opportunities.

To use the AdWords Keyword Tool simply:

  • Log in to your campaign
  • Underneath the ‘Reporting and Tools’ tab, click Keyword Tool
  • You can search any words that you deem relevant to your business, as either a broad, phrase or exact match, and see what terms those phrases elicit.
Using the Keyword Tool
The Google Keyword Tool also offers options along the left sidebar to include and exclude certain phrases, and your location can be set as Australia in the Advanced Options link just above the ‘Search’ button. This ensures that you get a more accurate representation of the keywords used to discover your business or service online.

Keyword Tool Results
The Google keyword tool will present global and local search stats and can also find similar or related phrases that may prove relevant to your online marketing campaign. When starting a campaign in SEO or AdWords, the AdWords Keyword Tool can help you find themes of keywords most suitable to your business.

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