Google Analytics and Keywords

Understanding Keywords in Google Analytics data

Getting the most from your website involves optimising different pages of your site to appeal to Google and get you ranking higher in search results for your target keywords. This article focuses on keywords in Google Analytics and how interpreting the data presented can help you to make improvements to your website.

What are Google Analytics keywords?

Keywords in Google Analytics are the exact words or phrases that searchers typed in to Google or other search engines before arriving at your site. They can include anything related to your business including your brand name, website name, a particular product or service your offer, your contact details, your own name and sometimes they can even be something completely irrelevant to your business.

When someone types a search into Google, the search engine instantaneously searches its huge reservoir of site records to produce what it believes to be the most relevant result for what you typed. In the majority of circumstances it is very accurate in how it produces results but there can be anomalies – usually created by a site not being optimised correctly or else in a scenario where the keyword search is so unusual that Google doesn’t have perfectly suitable matches and instead presents a close alternative.

How to view your keywords in Google Analytics

The keywords metric in your Google Analytics account is accessed along the right hand side of your Google Analytics dashboard under Traffic Sources. When you click on the Keywords tab you will be presented with a graph and a list of keywords that directs traffic to your site through search engines such as Google.

If you have reached this page and there are few, or even no keywords listed, the likelihood is that you don’t get traffic from the search engines and your site is reliant entirely on direct visits. This can be addressed by implementing and maintaining a search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy, which will generate traffic through organic search engine listings over time. Ideally, the vast majority of traffic to your site will come from search engines such as Google.

The keywords that populate this list should ideally reflect the efforts of your search engine marketing (SEM) strategy – they should be relevant to the product or service you are offering and any particular niche your company may be involved in.

If you notice any search keywords which are irrelevant to your business, you should also notice that the Bounce Rate is extremely high (around 90%) – as visitors to your site will soon realise that the search they typed is not what your site is selling.

The Bounce Rate will also indicate which keywords work for your site, and specific pages within, and which ones don’t.

Optimise your website by acting on Google Analytics keyword data

Analysing the keyword data geographically and historically by changing metrics on the Google Analytics dashboard will also present you with data which may show you what time of the year is a peak season for a specific product or service, and which regions certain products perform best or worst in.

This kind of information on keywords used to search for your business in Google is invaluable when you are trying to determine which areas your business is strongest in. No other advertising medium can produce such in-depth analysis of how your marketing strategy is working, not without endless hours of research at least. Google Analytics, as a free tool for website owners, is extremely valuable when the data presented is acted upon.

If you need help understanding keywords in your Google Analytics account or would like advice on the best course of action to take to make improvements to your website, contact the experts at – we analyse Google Analytics keywords daily for hundreds of businesses throughout Australia and use the available data to implement winning internet marketing strategies that deliver real business growth – let us put your business first!

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