Google Analytics Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate Explained

Bounce Rate is a web statistic in Google Analytics which represents the rate at which visitors to a website leave a website before spending 30 seconds on the site. To view Bounce Rate, you will need to have the Google Analytics code installed on your website.
Bounce rate effectively measures how attractive your website is to visitors. It may indicate that something needs to change – the appearance of the site, the usability or the quality and relevance of information presented on the site.

What does bounce rate mean for my business?

Firstly don’t rush into a rash analysis of your site based on bounce rate. It’s an important web metric but it’s not the only one.

Every website has several bounce rates. The site as a whole has a bounce rate, as do every individual page on the site and every keyword that directs traffic to your site can also be measured in terms of the bounce rate. It is one of the most important metrics for any business using the web. Google Analytics instantly provides detailed bounce rate stats across every area of your site and it’s important to understand what the variations in bounce rate mean across the site.

What is a good average Bounce Rate?

There is no such thing as one good average bounce rate. The metric is represented as a percentage, with low numbers being the better rate, so the closer to zero the better. There are countless variables that impact on bounce rate including the type of page, the objective of the page, the keywords driving traffic to that page, the page appearance, how fresh the webpage is, brand maturity, how specific the search is and more. Sadly, there is no one-size-fits all policy to reducing your websites bounce rate.

How to reduce your website’s Bounce Rates

You may not need to reduce your bounce rate for certain pages – perhaps visitors just want to see your phone number or other contact details or opening hours, so they don’t necessarily stick around to read more on the page, or navigate to another page. Ask new customers regularly how they found your business address or phone number, if none say ‘on your website’ then the bounce rate might be a bigger issue.

Bounce rate also differs significantly by industry and the optimal rate for E-Commerce sites will be significantly different to technology or trade-related websites. As a rule of thumb, anything below 50% is quite positive and any rate above 80% is worrying – having said that landing pages with specific calls to action don’t require a low bounce rate to be effective.

Reducing your bounce rate can be done in a variety of ways. Web searchers are generally impatient, so unless you are providing technically important or helpful information, keep content simple – don’t use ten words where two will do. Nothing needs to be over-explained.

Look at your website objectively, through a customer’s eyes, or better yet ask a customer (or customers) to evaluate your site. You probably know your website inside out and find it easy-to-use and informative, but that’s irrelevant if customers don’t. It may also be outdated – unless you invested heavily in an innovative website, a website older than four years is in genuine danger of being out of date.

Securing the best average bounce rate across your site requires a comprehensive search engine marketing strategy which encompasses all of the following:

•    Quality, modern web design: Users like an easy-to-use and visually appealing website
•    A strong SEO strategy:  Deliver the right search terms to the most relevant part of your website and don’t attract keywords that are not relevant to your business. Don’t claim to be cheap if your prices are considered pricey or average – online consumers are impatient, remember.
•    PPC expertise: A conversion oriented PPC campaign will get the most from your online traffic and keep bounce rates at an optimum level – at least until calls-to-action are fulfilled.

Making changes and monitoring changes on one or two pages can be a good way to evaluate what works best for your target market. Don’t fall into the trap of making wholesale changes to your website once – make several small changes over a prolonged period to discover the best bounce rate for your business.

Let help discover the best Bounce Rate for your website analyse hundreds of websites through Google Analytics every day, across scores of industries throughout Australia. If you need assistance reducing your Bounce Rate, or would like any other aspect of search engine marketing explained, read through our blog articles or call us on 1300 650 274.

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