Google Analytics Switches To New Version

New Google Analytics Now Default for Australian Users

The new version of Google Analytics is now the default version of the widely used analytics tool with the old version set to be unavailable from early in 2012.

Although the new version of Google Analytics was first announced back in March 2011, many small business users have not made the switch to the new version – probably out of habit and familiarity with the old edition as much as anything else.

The new version of Analytics is a significant improvement on the previous version in terms of usability and functionality – even if you only intend to use the most basic functions. The new version of Google Analytics lends itself more towards assisting the optimisation efforts of online marketing professionals as data is easier to find through a simple navigation menu and if you are familiar with the old version, interpreting that data should be straightforward.

What has changed between the new and old version of Analytics?

Usability and visualisation of data is much better and some of the new features in the new version include Real-Time Google Analytics which updates how people are using your website within seconds of the interaction.

The Visitor Flow Visualisation graphically represents how visitors navigate through your website and where they drop off. This offers really valuable insights into which pages are most effective in terms of channeling visitors where you want them to go – which can help in determining which product pages or other areas of your website require the most attention.

The Landing Page report also presents more detailed information than previously. This is a major improvement on the old report, which focused on the number of bounces pages received. Now the landing pages report displays average time on site, % of new visits, pages per visit metrics which are common to other reports.

There is also more detailed reporting on visitors from mobile devices, site speed and other areas – plenty of more ways to dissect and interpret your website traffic without even looking at custom reporting and advanced segmentation.

Australian business owners need to adapt to new Analytics now

If you are using Analytics, it’s important to learn the new interface straight away. The key thing for Australian businesses is making the switch now and learning as much of the new interface as possible. The search bar above the left hand menu allows you to find reports you may have used in old Analytics and it’s still possible to use the old version while learning the new version.

If you don’t take the time to learn the new version now, you will be forced to do so in 2012 when the old version is abolished.

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