Google Announces Instant Pages & More Developments

Online marketing game changes yet again with Google’s latest changes

Google has unveiled a raft of new developments designed to enhance the user experience of web searchers and reaffirm their position as the undisputed king of search following recent market share wins for Yahoo and Bing.

Google are still way ahead of the competition in terms of global market share with Comscore putting that share at about 66% but the latest improvements to how searches are conducted will undoubtedly underpin that dominance for some time to come. These forthcoming changes include voice activated search, searching by images and enhancements to mobile search.

Last year Google unveiled Google Instant as advance in enabling faster search – this year it’s Instant Pages, where Google will automatically render a page to match the inputted search. Their goal is to make Google as simple to leaf through as a magazine, whether in mobile or traditional web format and the basis for this is built on a simple philosophy of Relevance, Simplicity and Speed.

Speed, Google say, is paramount and they suggest that Instant Pages will shave anything up to five seconds off every search, which they expect will encourage searchers to search some more.

How does Google Instant Pages work?

Instant Pages will only manifest in a situation where Google is highly confident that the Instant Page matches what the searcher is after, so obscure searches are probably less likely to have Instant Pages.

As a user inputs a search, Google is pre-rendering a page behind the scenes – usually the page at the top of that search result – so when the user clicks on that listing, it renders the page ‘instantly’.

Presumably based on historical data and the statistical likelihood of users clicking on the first listing after inputting a given search, Google essentially predetermines what a user searches before they have finished searching it and presents what it sees as the best-matched result instantly.

Google Instant Pages highlights the importance of being number 1

This latest development highlights the need to be number one of results pages, or alternatively to write Page Titles, Meta Descriptions and AdWords ad copy in such a way as to defy Google’s logic and convince the searcher not to click on the first organic result.

In effect, web marketers will have to either be number one or beat number one in terms of that final SERP sales pitch before the user clicks on a listing.

Mobile search improvements from Google

Google’s latest announcement in San Francisco revealed some interesting insights into the differences between traditional web searches and mobile searches. While web search tends to drop off significantly at the weekend and during holiday periods, mobile search tends to be more consistent with peaks at the weekend, during weekday evenings and even during lunchtime.

This insight into mobile internet behaviour is especially relevant in Australia, where the take up of mobile devices is over 50% of the population of internet users. It’s further evidence of the need for the need for a comprehensive online marketing strategy – small local companies can no longer ignore the internet as a sales channel. Recent reports have suggested that up to 40% of SMB’s in Australia have no online presence, which suggests that competition in the online marketplace is likely to increase for some time yet as latecomers adapt.

The latest development in mobile search will include a ‘+’ icon which when clicked will offer long-tail suggestions relative to the search inputted.

Voice activated search and image searching

Voice search technology is already in use on mobile devices with all Android apps now speech enabled and Google have revealed plans to integrate voice activated search into web searches, firstly on Google Chrome but it will later be available on Firefox and other browsers.

Google’s latest announcement also includes the introduction of searching by image whereby users will be able to search an image they have by uploading it to Google or dragging and dropping it into the search box. There will be restrictions on this as face recognition technology is subject of legal restrictions in many jurisdictions.

Get a winning online marketing strategy with Australia’s best online marketers

These latest developments, coupled with the likes of Google Offers and Google Wallet really put Google at the forefront of innovation. They might not be the original creators of all of these ideas but the extent of their reach is likely to ensure that Google remain a major driver in merging online and offline commerce ever closer.

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