Google Enhanced Campaigns Australia 22nd July 2013


This Monday the 22nd of July marks the moment that many search marketers and small businesses have been bracing for all year. The introduction of Google’s Enhanced campaigns!

Whilst there has been widespread hysteria, speculation and even panic over how these changes will affect many businesses paid search results, here at ROI we firmly believe that this presents strong opportunities for companies to really gain the customers they desire.

Firstly, I’m sure you are all curious as to why Google has decided to roll out enhanced campaigns. The fact is that mobile search has grown exponentially faster than Google ever  anticipated, and in fact Google recently announced that based on current trends mobile search will surpass desktop by the end of 2013!

So what does this mean for your business?

  • Mobile is mandatory

Rather than wallowing on the fact that your company is yet to embrace the mobile channel, you should see Google forcing your hand as the greatest search advertising opportunity since the introduction of AdWords itself. With only 17% of Australian businesses having a mobile friendly website, you are presented a unique opportunity to leapfrog other businesses that are sitting on their hands and closing their eyes.

  •  Clicks will cost you more

In simple terms, this is due to the old economic principle of supply and demand. The supply of two ads appearing on a mobile device will remain unchanged; however the amount of advertisers vying for this prestigious space has rapidly increased. Google has released some advice around bidding down on mobile clicks if you’re not mobile ready just yet, but it won’t allow late entrants to hide from the mobile party forever.

  •  Computer and tablets become one

In many respects this seems like a backwards step for Google, with many search marketers scratching their head over this play from the search engine company. Regardless, now is the time to address your strategy, as sometimes you have to play chess whilst everyone else is playing checkers.

  •  Granular data, smooth decisions

No longer can advertisers complain about a lack of insightful data; out of the number of Google news releases we here at are most excited about including multi-device attribution, more geographic flexibility and embracing social media connections.

There is no hiding from the fact that a lot is going to change in the digital marketing landscape with the launch of enhanced campaigns. Undoubtedly we will hear a group of people who love enhanced campaigns and another group who hate it. We look forward to hearing your stories of triumph and sharing some of our own as the greatest change in search engine marketing continues to unfold. endeavors to continuously update SEO knowledge and pass that on to you with our Google Adwords and Search Engine Optimisation service. We’ve helped businesses throughout Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide with our SEO service. Ask us how we can help you today.

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