Google+ for Business Officially Launched

Google Begins Google+ Business Pages Rollout

Google has officially announced that businesses can now set up a Google+ page on the new social network.

While the initial roll-out focused on connecting people, businesses were excluded until now. Google+ offers users various means of sharing and connecting with friends including live video sharing – something not available on other mainstream social media platforms.

Now businesses and brands are invited to get involved and connect with customers – this has very interesting potential from a customer service perspective. Businesses will be able to host live Hangouts with customers, perhaps to demonstrate a new product, address an individual complaint face-to-face or announce a special offer to a specific group.

What is Google+?

Google+ is Google’s most robust social media platform to date and first came to light in invite-only beta testing in July of this year before being made available to everyone in September. Google specifically made a point of initially making it available to individuals only, promising that a business page option would soon be available.

The staggered release of Google+ has been a clever ploy from Google, maintaining plenty of interest in the new platform over an extended period of time rather than the limited impact of a flash-in-the-pan style release or the potential disappointment of a big announcement and subsequent flop.

Given that a significant development has happened in July, September and November, expect more developments in early January – perhaps even the option to add customisable landing pages similar to Facebook or a more user and search engine friendly URL like

How will Google+ affect Australian businesses?

Google+ is another platform to increase the visibility of your brand online. Given that it’s a Google product, the likelihood is that your Google+ profile will rank well for your brand.

Setting up a Google+ account and encouraging the development of a community of followers endorsing your Google+ account will help to ensure that your business is visible on the personalised search results – results that display peer influences for similar searches.

Google+ listings can be linked to Google Places accounts, supporting stronger visibility on the personalised local searches of signed in Google users connected to your existing customers.

The video element of Google+ (Hangouts) allows businesses to remotely connect face-to-face with their customers which offers huge potential as a customer service tool for both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) markets.

Customer-centric business can go beyond their competition to deliver an exceptional user experience – engaging with users face-to-face brings social media to a new level, far beyond the standard benefits of endorsements such as Likes and Tweets.

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