Google is not allowing me to write reviews

Q. How do I write a review on a Google Place page, the interface is not allowing me?

A. There have been many bugs over the years with Google maps (now known as Google Places) and not surprisingly this is the latest of them. A little while ago all you needed to do was navigate to a Google place page, scroll down to where it said leave a review, click a star rating and write your review.

Lately when trying to write a review the submit button stays grayed out not letting people submit reviews. There is a way to leave reviews but unfortunately Google has not shared this information with the public in an easily accessible way. In order to leave a review you will need to add a nickname to your Google Hotpot account, by doing this Google will allow you to submit reviews. To create a Google Hotpot account sign into your Google account and navigate to where you will be asked to submit a nickname. It is as simple as that.

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