The Keyword Tool is Dead! Introducing the Younger and Superior Model: The Keyword Planner

What’s Google done now? With the Adwords Keyword Tool gone how does the Keyword Planner compare?

Perhaps dead is a little strong. It’s more like retired; let go, fired, gone on to greener pastures… In fact, it’s been one of the many tools that have been replaced with newer models. You might also notice the traffic estimator tool has also gone. Why? Rather than having 2 separate tools, in May 2013 Google decided to combine the traffic tool and the keyword tool into one, thus introducing the Keyword Planner tool.

RIP Google Keyword Tool

So what are you meant to use when doing keyword research? As an essential SEO tool for any business managing Adwords campaigns or investing in search marketing, learning how to use the Keyword Planner  is a must. With some new added features (such as historical search data) and a simplified interface, we look forward to using this new keyword search tool in the future of our Search Engine Optimisation and PPC strategies.

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