Google Maps Optimisation

The Importance of Google Maps in online marketing

The growing importance of Google Maps in online marketing strategy cannot be underestimated, even more so since the recent changes to how Google conducts local searches. Even as a stand-alone marketing tool, Google Maps is an extremely useful online business locator which can prove incredibly successful if you achieve the right rank.

Secure Top Rankings in Google’s Local Maps

You can expect to increase your search engine rankings with’s dedicated Google Map Optimisation. For a fraction of the cost of a keyword-heavy pay per click or SEO campaign, Google map SEO is a proven method designed to put your website in the optimal position in the local Google search results.

Select the most relevant key phrases to target the customers you want to attract, and see concrete, measurable results within 3-5 weeks. At ROI our track record speaks for itself, please see some of our latest ranking successes below.

The new importance of Google Map and integrated Google Places Listings

Formerly Google map optimisation was an important, stand alone element for any online strategy. It helped to make your business visible, generate qualified sales leads and allow customers to find your company’s location. However following recent changes to Google’s local search features – Googlemaps optimisation and local organic SEO marketing have become inextricably tied together. It is now no longer possible to conduct a comprehensive Google strategy without adding your business to Google maps.

Following these changes, if choose not to create and optimise a Google map, you will struggle to get into the top rankings for Google’s local place searches. With a map listing in the new integrated format, you can jump ahead of all your competitors who don’t have one. That’s not to say that organic SEO and Google maps can’t work independently – they can and do for hundreds of Australian companies but a Google map and a well-rounded SEO campaign will always equal high rankings.

The benefits of Google local maps optimisation and the local business centre

Recently we’ve experienced a marked change in the way Google local search results are aggregated. This change has highlighted the importance of having a strong, local SEO marketing campaign, which can bring great returns to your business based around local search results. A strategy which incorporates local and location based keywords is a great way to bring relevance to your local business area.

The local business centre is Google’s new information hub for business. Also known as Google Places, optimisation of the Google local business centre is now an integral part of any thorough SEO campaign and online business strategy.

To learn more about local SEO marketing strategy or how the recent developments like Google Places can impact positively on your business or to add your business to Google Maps, call today on 1300 650 274.

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