Google Panda 2.5 Update rolled out

The seventh edition of Panda hits online marketers

The latest edition of Google’s Panda update has been rolled out this week and while it doesn’t appear to have had as dramatic effect as earlier updates, it again underpins the need for quality content on websites.

Google has had low quality content on its radar throughout 2011 with over 500 algorithmic changes aimed at improving the search experience for Google searchers.

Further stressing the need for quality website content is the latest Google Webmaster Help video from Google’s Matt Cutts. In this video, Cutts addresses a question regarding spelling and grammar on websites and the potential impact on SEO.

While it doesn’t impact directly on rankings and is not one of Google’s 200+ quality indicators, spelling and grammar does have some correlation to PageRank, which ultimately is Google’s assessment of reputation on the web.

In the video, Matt Cutts once again points to the end user as the reason behind improving on-site content. Keeping the user as the central focus of web content and the way you market your product should lead to a better position on the internet – rather than the backward approach of trying to impress search engines first and worrying about the target audience as a secondary factor.

Quality content should be prioritised over link work

Many online marketers turn to links as the next step in their search engine marketing strategy after building a website and adding keywords to their content. Some businesses spend endless man hours and dollars linking to pages that often haven’t been updated in years.

Integrating a blog into your website, or starting an external blog, can deliver more value than pumping thousands of links into your website. Investing in professional marketing oriented content or insightful, professional industry blogging can have an exponential return in terms of value to your business. This happens in a number of ways:

1. Good content generates links as other websites reference your content and recommend it to friends. This cuts down on the amount of time you spend researching good links for your business.

2. Well written, insightful, original content builds an audience – a loyal base of followers who keep coming back for more.

3. Informative content generates trust amongst your target audience. Once you have the trust of your target audience, they are more likely to consider your business when they come to the purchasing decision – even in instances where you are not necessarily the cheapest product on the market.

4. As we have seen above, there is a correlation between PageRank and quality content, which indirectly impacts on your performance in search engines.

Improve your online presence with professional copywriting

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