Google Penalised my Website!

What is a Google penalty?

A Google penalty is when Google routinely ‘crawls’ your website and a number of red flags indicate that your page has poor quality content, links and/or  urls. Your website will then suddenly disappear from the search engine, leaving you with zero SEO traffic until the problem is rectified.

Can you tell Google to stop penalising our website?

Unfortunately we can’t stop Google from penalising your website but can provide services to prevent and correct this problem. Our team of experts personally analyse your situation and roll out a solution to get your website ranking to the top again. We only use fair practices and comply with all of Google’s guidelines so that your chances of getting penalised again will significantly decrease. Find out how to diagnose if google has penalised your url.

How do I know if my website is at risk of being penalised?

There are a number of indefinite key indicators that Google look out for when penalising websites and these indicators can change without notice. Here are some major things to look out for on your website:

  • Duplicate content: Check your website for any duplicate content that are useless to your users. Make sure your content is unique and well written
  • Too many keywords:  A very high keyword density is a flag for poorly written content. If Google detects a high number of keywords in a page, you may be penalised. So avoid stuffing too many keywords into one page.
  • Broken links: Look out for broken links, if you don’t keep it up to date, Google will assume that your site is not user friendly and will penalise you for being careless.

There are a number of reasons why your site may be at risk of being penalised, discover 50 reasons why your site deserves to be penalised.

Stay one step ahead of Google updates with! We have effectively managed SEO services for over 1000 customers in Australia. Find out what we can do for your business, contact our team today!   

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