Google Places – A Great New Look with a Great Big Problem

February saw the beginning of Google rolling out updates the Google Maps dashboard (now known as Google Places). This new version was meant to be a step in the right direction to creating a user friendly interface that can connect a range of Google services in a simple and easy way.

Unfortunately it’s also caused a giant headache for many business owners with listings completely disappearing from their accounts.

Why do Google Places listings disappear?

There has been no official response from Google; however through discussions with Google support members they have revealed that they are having a lot of issues with Australian listings. The disappearance seems to occur during the upgrade, although we’ve seen listing disappear up to a month after the upgrade has been completed.

The issue itself seems to stem from the new Terms and Conditions and the Google server that hosts all the saved business information. This means that the server is deleting information (say Goodbye to your map rankings and all your Google+ reviews and posts) and without a resolution in sight.

What should I do if my Google Places listing has disappeared?

If your Google Places listing has disappeared you’re not alone. The process to ‘restore’ your listing is frustrating because there is no way to restore the deleted map (Thanks Google). You need to start from scratch and manually set up a brand new listing.

After entering all your business information you’ll need to send out a new postcard. This is where you then have a choice.

  • Wait for the postcard to arrive (1 – 3 weeks) and verify the listing normally


Unfortunately Google Places support is only available from 6am – 5pm PST Monday to Friday. This translates to 11pm – 10am AEST Tuesday – Saturday. You’ll also need a direct line they can call on (such as a mobile).

Google Places – it’s got a great new look with a great big headache for Australian businesses.

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