Google Places Ranking Factors

Major Ranking Factors of Google Places

Changes to Google’s local search results, Google Places, in late 2010 had many website owners and search engine optimisation companies asking the same question – what are the major ranking factors for the Google Places search results?

Since Google integrated Places listings into their organic search results, it has become increasingly important for businesses to list on Google’s local business directory in order to feature in local search rankings. To give your business the best chance of ranking well in the Google Places listings, there are over 50 known ranking factors to consider and have identified the most important of these.

The Major Ranking Factors of Google Places fall into three categories

The ranking factors that determine whether or not a Google map will appear in the local search results are a part of, or fall into, one of the following three categories.

•    Google Places Listing information completion

The Google Places listing information refers to the information entered into the Map by the person creating the listing and also information gathered from around the web. The more complete your information and the more visible your business is online, the better chance it has of ranking well in the Places listings.

•    Distance from city centre

This is as basic as it seems. Google is trying to deliver the most relevant results for a given search phrase so for instance if someone was looking for a ‘hairdresser in Melbourne’, it is more likely to rank a Google Places listing with a location 1km from the CBD, than a map location that is 30km in the outer city suburbs.

•    Reviews on the Places listing

Every business listing on Google Places offers the opportunity to leave a review. The number of reviews and the variety of review sources are considered another important ranking factor for Google Places listing.

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