People Like Google+ Better Than Facebook

Google+ is the social media platform that users are most satisfied with according to a study completed by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). It topped more prominent performers in Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, with the latter ranking last overall in the report.

google+ best social media site


Why did Google+ fare so well?

ACSI has outlined three areas that people enjoyed about Google+. Ironically, these are the same areas that people disliked about Facebook. They were:

      • Google+’s commitment to user privacy
      • Google+ doesn’t splash banner and search ads across it’s interface
      • Google+’s mobile app is very functional, unlike Facebook

Facebook’s “timeline” was one of the major reasons that the social media heavyweight fared so badly in the study.

These are American statistics – how do they apply to Australian businesses?

America is without a doubt the largest user of social media sites worldwide. Australia is prominent on proven sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, but are less active on Google+. As a result, this information is extremely relevant to Australian businesses as it gives a look into the future.

America is indicating that Google+ is growing in popularity amongst users largely due to it’s simple functionality and ease-of-use. Facebook isn’t doing it’s brand any favours by introducing regular interface changes, like “timeline”, which are proving to be unpopular with users. It seems Facebook’s failings are only¬†fuelling¬†the rise of Google+.

Does social media still confuse you? Let us help make it crystal

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