Google Plus Local App Now on iPhone – Available in Australia

The Google Plus Local phenomenon has hit iPhones around the world, replacing the old Google Places app in the iOS with a much more interactive interface. The Google Plus Local app was made available in the iTunes store worldwide from 2 July.

Changes from the old Google Places set-up include:

      • Addition of Zagat reviews and recommendations from people in your circles
      • Voice Search
      • A better User Interface when searching for places that aren’t nearby
      • Improved security logins

These features are of course made better when you are logged into your Google+.

Will the Google Plus Local App be integrated into the main Google Plus App?

All signs point to yes. Below is a screenshot from the Google+ of Jade Wang – the Community Manager for Google+ Local.

google+ local to be added to google+ iphone app

Looks like all the Google+ features will be together in one app in the not too distant future. Watch this space.

What the new iPhone Google Plus Local App means for Australian businesses

The ‘Rate Now’ button (see images below) is a big focus for the Google Plus Local app. It features at the bottom of your home page, complete with suggestions on businesses near you that you could review.

Due to the vast population of iPhones out there people will be more likely to read and post reviews on Google Plus Local, something which is important for business owners to note. Reviews can of course have both positive and negative impacts but, if you’re savvy about your approach, the possibilities for frequent affirmative reviews are possible. With that comes a big boost in your Local Search rankings.

google+ local iphone app homepagegoogle+ local iphone app local iphone app - reviews

How can help you to get started on Google Plus Local?

Contact our team today to get more information on how Google Plus Local works, including information on Google Plus Business Pages and other features.

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