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Content scrapers firmly in Google’s sights

As we have seen on numerous occasions this year, content and relevance continue to  take a lot of the headlines in the world of online marketing. The Panda update has become a generic term for hundreds of updates from Google geared towards improving search results and the latest update (in August) has thrown up some interesting results.

Some sites are experiencing improved rankings, others are seeing rankings and traffic drop significantly. In Europe, Search Engine Watch report that even sites like Facebook have suffered at the hands of the Panda. In other instances, Facebook, YouTube and Wikipedia had significant jumps in traffic, so the algorithm is far from fine tuned at this stage.

Google’s own Matt Cutts has also posted on Twitter asking for examples of scraped content, as they attempt to fine tune their algorithms. This suggests that while scraped content is on the radar, Google doesn’t quite have the answer for it just yet.


What has been the effect of the Panda update in Australia?

Whether it’s a direct impact of the Panda updates or it’s due to other factors at play, we have noticed that exact match keyword domain names have been improving in rankings. This is especially evident for that exact match keyword and also for keyword-type business names – for example businesses with ‘Budget’ in their brand name.

There may be an assumption amongst many website owners of “my site doesn’t have scraped content, so I won’t be affected” – however, the scraped content doesn’t need to be on your site to have an impact on your SEO strategy.

If you have links to your website from sites that publish scraped or duplicate content, the likelihood is that when these sites disappear from prominent Google rankings, any referral traffic and inherent link value will also fade away. Not all scraped content sites are 100% scraped content and may legitimately publish decent content, on a site that may have built it’s “authority” on duplicate content.

It’s not easy to keep track of scraped or duplicate content but it’s increasingly important to be aware of who you are linking from in order to protect your online assets and keep rankings and traffic numbers moving in the right direction.

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