Google Remarketing

Google Remarketing – what is it and how does it work?

Another in a long line of new releases from Google, Remarketing is further evidence of Google’s commitment to delivering greater relevance to web searchers. Centred on a premise of creating ads based on user behaviour, Google Remarketing essentially allows AdWords advertisers to tailor and display ads to users who have previously visited their website. Such visitors have a greater likelihood of purchasing from you as they are already familiar with your business, so a tailored offer has greater appeal.

Remarketing allows AdWords campaign managers to define groups of visitors (categorised as audiences), which are then targeted with specific ads designed to appeal to that audience. Ad copy can be refined to address specific concerns of different audience types, in effect delivering personalised ads.

Google Remarketing can be enabled through the Audiences tab on any campaign within the Display Network (YouTube, Search Partners etc). Remarketing effectively acts as a second opportunity to make an impression on site visitors that may not have fulfilled a call-to-action or made a purchase during their initial visit to your site.

The Remarketing Javascript is added to pages visited by website browsers who you would like to add to your Remarketing list for specific ad targeting. This allows you to deliver specific ads aimed at site visitors at various stages along the buying cycle and Remarketing lists can be combined for further refinement.

How can I use Google Remarketing in my AdWords campaign?

Remarketing is a feature of ads in Google’s Display Network only, not in Google search. These targeted ads can be delivered to your entire website audience or subsets of them for specific time frames. You can aim an advert at all visitors who visit your website to tempt them with an enticing special offer; visitors who have visited your ‘Thank You’ or ‘Order Confirmation’ page have already made a purchase so might be rewarded with a repeat purchase discount – this option offers great scale if you have a product or products that are likely to invoke repeat purchases.

One advantage of Google Remarketing is capturing would-be customers that have fallen off at some stage along the buying cycle – most commonly at the shopping cart checkout stage. For instance, if a customer is on the verge of making a purchase but a delivery charge puts them off – then you can address this by offering a ‘Free Delivery’ incentive in the ad you target at that audience. Similarly if you have a new store outlet, you might want to present enticing local discounts to persons who have visited your ‘New Location’ page.

Who should use Google Remarketing?

Businesses with large volumes of traffic such as E-commerce sites will benefit most from Remarketing. If you have one particular product in your portfolio that is failing to convert, Remarketing allows you to tailor ads to an audience that already knows about your product but has not been convinced to purchase as yet. The shopping cart dropout factor mentioned earlier is also a key motivator to using Remarketing.

A degree of thought, planning and an understanding of what influences your customer are important in Remarketing.

Even if you have no intention of using this right away, it makes sense to factor it into your thinking with how you advertise online. Delivering more targeted adverts should result in a more cost-effective campaign but Google have acknowledged that Remarketing works most effectively with a ‘significant’ volume of traffic and a well-defined online purchasing funnel.

Ensure you have the basics right before venturing into Google Remarketing

Google Remarketing is an advanced strategy.  If you’re Google Ad words Display Network campaign is not managed in depth, it will be difficult to get any real value from Remarketing, given the effort involved. For many businesses, a better return on investment and click through rate across the campaign is a fundamental that needs to be right before advancing to something like this.

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