Google Search, Search Partners or Display Network?

Q. When picking where to place my ad, should I choose Google Search, Google Search Partners, or the Display Network?

A. People who are starting out in AdWords often get lost in the maze of confusion that is the AdWords networks. We recommend that you always use Google search, your ads will then show on the main Google search engine for whichever country or location you’ve selected. These clicks will be most expensive but your traffic is much more likely to be targeted to the searches you want to attract to your website.

Your second choice is Google Search Partners – websites which include a Google search engine. Google Search Partners can work well to increase traffic to your website, but beware of getting plenty of impressions, but not a lot of clicks.

Last is the Google Display Network – approach with caution. The Google Display network comprises thousands of websites which display Google ads. These clicks are the cheapest, however the ads are likely to be much less targeted.  We recommend trialling managed placements – where you personally choose the websites on which you want your ads to show. When used effectively, this network can provide a fantastic ROI.

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