Google SEO – why it is important

Google, without a doubt remains the No.1 most used search engine in the world.
From this, one can only logically conclude that if most people are using Google, and with most people, this refers to your business’ potential prospects, then it would be of critical importance for your business to be featured on the search engine results pages of the most frequently used search engine.

In the Australian market in particular, Google holds an even stronger market share than it does in the United States, sitting at roughly 90% market share. What this in effect means is that people are not really using the other two top tier search engines, Yahoo! and Windows Live Search. Promote Your Website in the Search Engines with SEO

In other words, the search levels on the other two search engines are so minimal they may contribute a tiny fraction of traffic to your website when compared to Google. There are no hard and fast numbers because it does depend on industry and target market, but the numbers could lie anywhere between 2-5% (if your site ranks well on these other search engines).

It is important to understand that completely eliminating search engine optimisation from Yahoo! and Windows Live Search is not necessary, however, strong rankings on these search engines may be considered a bonus of sorts.

Consider this situation: Your website rankings drop on the other two top tier search engines while remaining weaker on Google.

Your immediate reaction may be to demand focus on returning strong rankings to the other two search engines. Perhaps though, it would make more sense to focus on the search engine that offers the possibility of 90% of available search traffic to your website.

Given any agency will have a finite time allocation to as to the number of resource hours that can be allocated to your SEO project, would you prefer to have those precious hours spent on increasing traffic by 2% or in the double digits, by focusing on Google SEO?

In the online space, there is so many “measurables” available to us that sometimes we lose focus and allocate our energies to the wrong elements, things that will not necessarily positively impact your business’ bottom line.

The bottom line is that different markets require different tactical approaches and in Australia, owing to consumer habits, Google SEO is the key strategy that will positively impact traffic levels to your business’ website.

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