Google SERP tweaks continue

Changes visible on an almost daily basis with Google SERPs

We continue to see a wide array of changes in Google SERPs of late. – including reports of a infinite scrolling results pages.

Multiple brand related site links also became evident and was confirmed by Google as something new that would feature in search results. We have seen evidence that “brand-related” is quite a loose term when it comes to these new-look site links and we believe they restrict competition and choice for businesses and consumers.

Further evidence of these site links suggests that the “brand-related” element of Google’s algorithm is not as robust as it would first appear. Take a longtail search term like “preservative free wine drops” – certainly not a brand, yet still displays brand-style results:

Bullet points within search engine results from directories have also strengthened the value of being listed in relevant directories as they are clearly a powerful option for relevant searches in Google’s eyes:


Are you listed in these directories? Do you need to be? Do you have to be? In most circumstances, it has a positive impact on SEO campaigns but getting listed above directories in search results is where the real value lies.

What do these changes mean for Australian businesses?

Business owners in Australia probably look at these changes as minor issues and taken in isolation, they are relatively small. However when a number of small changes happen on a continuous basis, it can have a snowball effect on companies that don’t adapt.

It’s further proof of the dynamic nature of web marketing – what worked three months ago and six months ago doesn’t necessarily work today.  To stay ahead in any industry, there is a need to move with the changes and see changes as an opportunity to get ahead.

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