Google SSL hits Australia

Secure Search set to play havoc with online marketing analysis

Google’s SSL is now available for users of, something which online marketers in Australia are greeting with great trepidation. As mentioned in a previous blog on Google SSL, Secure Search has already been rolled out in locations around the world including the UK, Germany and France. Identified by the https:// before the URL, Secure Search is in place to provide more privacy and security for users of Google Australia.

For online marketers however, it means less statistics to work with when it comes to analysing the effectiveness of SEO campaigns. Searchers using SSL show up as (not provided) in Google Analytics, and whilst this hasn’t been a problem for Australian search marketers in the past, it will become increasingly more prevalent as SSL establishes itself.

Before SSL became available in Australia, only 1% of’s client traffic was showing up as (not provided) in Analytics. This figure is expected to rise dramatically now that Secure Search is widely open to Australian searchers.

Has Secure Search extended itself to AdWords?

In short, no. In what’s been widely called a double standard by Google, AdWords operators have still been able to access user data even though it has been entered during a Secure Search. Critics are identifying this as a biased move by Google to encourage online marketers to utilise more Adwords and less SEO. Google is naturally opting for the ‘safety and privacy for users’ line as opposed to the ‘we want to make more money through advertising’ stance, but it’s something that hasn’t gone unoticed in the SEM industry.

How will Google Australia SSL impact SEO campaigns?

For DIY SEO campaigns, it will equate to a lot less data to work with. This in turn will mean a less educated strategy due to the lack of necessary resources.

For SEO companies, the results are not so dire. Whilst Analytics is a major factor in data analysis for online marketers, it isn’t the sole contributor. In essence, this change will negatively impact small-time SEO operators more than it will the companies who have expertise across all areas of SEM. An equal mix of SEO, PPC, web design, copywriting and social media marketing will become a necessity for websites looking to establish themselves online.

At, we have the resources and experience to provide clients with the right amount of analysis and data to ensure their campaign isn’t offset by SSL. To learn more about our SEM solutions, from SEO services to web design and copywriting, call 1300 650 274 today.

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