How to get Google star ratings

Five star rating

SO YOU’RE ranking on the first page of Google. Well done. But unfortunately, it looks lacklustre compared to competing listings which have star ratings.

Links with star ratings nearly always win more traffic.

If only you could make your Google listing stand out….. You can. Keep reading.

Google star listings represent reviews from your Google Places page and can be achieved by setting up a Google Places Business page.

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To achieve Google Star Ratings on your Maps listing

For stars to be displayed on your listing a minimum of five reviews must be present on your Google Places page.

Firstly, you will need to set up Google Places page. This can be done yourself by using the following steps:

Next, you will need to get reviewed by customers:

  • You can use a direct link by adding a code to your Google+ URL.
  • A good idea is to email with “if you loved our service, write us a review, click this link”.

To achieve Google Star Ratings on your organic listing

This is more difficult and requires some technical knowledge.

  • Firstly, the initial setup is required as with Maps listings.
  • Then, by adding what is called ‘schema’ to your page, you are able to pull the rating information from Google and show it in your business listing in the Google Search Results page.

The benefits of displaying Google Star Ratings

Stars help improve the number of people who click on the link to your website:

  • Stars capturing the audience’s attention as they stand out.
  • Stars offer validation of your business by other users impartial reviews.

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