Google Webmaster Tools

What is Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is one of the many free web services from the search engine, aimed at helping website owners to get the most from their website. Webmaster Tools, along with the Google Analytics and the Google Adwords Keyword Tool, provide website owners and internet marketers with a comprehensive platform from which to build an effective online marketing strategy.

Following the guidelines specified in Google Webmaster Tools is the best way of ensuring that your website consistently appears in Google search results. Google’s comprehensive range of applications are designed to ensure website owners have their sites primed for search engine crawling – which ultimately allows Google to achieve its goal of returning the highest quality search results to internet searchers.

Webmaster Tools has several functional applications which allow website managers to check internal and external links to the site, check and set the crawl rate, view stats on how Googlebots accesses particular areas of the site.

Google Webmaster Resources

Google also provides an extensive catalog of helpful articles and guidelines on how to use Webmaster Tools, including a dedicated YouTube channel and video tutorial section and guidelines on creating search engine friendly websites.

Webmaster Tools also includes a FAQ, basic beginner advice, help on using the various tools contained within and help on search engine optimization.

Diagnostics in Webmaster Tools

Within Google Webmaster Tools there are specific applications which enable webmasters or site owners to improve how their site performs in search engines, which will have a positive impact on search engine rankings and traffic. The most commonly used diagnostics are as follows:

Crawl Errors

In Webmaster Tools, Crawl Errors identify URLs that Google tried but failed to index and details the errors which caused the crawl to fail.

HTML Suggestions

Similar to Crawl Errors, HTML Suggestions highlights issues that may be inhibiting site performance. These issues are not detrimental as they don’t stop pages getting crawled but they can impact on your sites ability to increase rankings – example of such errors are duplicate title tags and meta descriptions.

Sitemaps and Google Webmaster Tools

Sitemaps are regarded as an important subject from a SEO view point and as such, Google dedicates considerable resources in Webmaster Tools to explaining what kind of sitemaps work best for different types of sites.

Sitemaps make it easier for Googlebots to crawl your site and ensures that Google is aware of all the pages on your site, so regular updates to content are more likely to get picked up – which can influence your organic Google rankings for specific search terms.

Sitemaps can be particularly useful for new websites that don’t have the extensive inbound link profile of more established websites. While there is no guarantee that Google will crawl all pages of your site, a sitemap is a good way of ensuring that Google are at least aware of your sites structure, which in turn facilitates better site crawling.

If your website is not performing as you would expect and Google Webmaster Tools doesn’t provide all the answers you are after, or leaves you with more questions than answers call on 1300 650 274 and let us help you get the most from your online investment.

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