Google Website Optimiser

What is Google’s Website Optimiser?

Google Website Optimiser is another free tool from Google which allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of different web pages within your website with a view to making changes to improve the overall efficiency of your site.

Website Optimizer focuses on making changes to the content of your site – the overall appearance of each web page – in order to create a more easy-to-use, visibly appealing and functional site from the point of view of your business objectives.

The Google Website Optimizer tool allows users to test different variations of site content in order to discover what combination results in the greatest number of conversions. Even the smallest change to the layout of one page can positively impact on conversions with doubling and even trebling of conversion rates identified by Google as a potential benefit of using the tool.

Website Optimiser is designed to increase overall conversion rates, lower cost-per-acquisition (CPA) of customers and increase the return on your investment (ROI). Improvements to existing landing pages can significantly reduce the number of potential customers lost by ineffective or unappealing landing pages. The free, automated testing system allows you to make changes and test the impact the changes will have on your site without the risk of a potentially negative result.

Google’s Website Optimiser Is Easy To Use and FREE!

The easy-to-manage Google Website Optimiser tool is supported by a step-by-step guide to ensure you get from the planning stage through to the interpreting reports and results stage in a fluid way.

The first step in the Website Optimizer process involves identifying which pages to test, creating the preferred alternative versions (recommended between 2-4 for initial tests) before identifying what is classified as a successful outcome.

Possible tests worth conducting include rewording existing headlines to test different sales pitches, trying different images or graphics, increasing or decreasing content to discover which approach suits your product type best, or removing sites elements entirely or moving the call to action button around the page to see where it is most likely to produce positive results.

How To Conduct Tests With Google Website Optimiser

Upon successfully completed your alternative pages you will need to make comparisons through what is called an A/B Experiment. Here is a basic guide to setting up this test:

•    Open the Website Optimizer via your Google Analytics Account (create one if you don’t have one).
•    Click ‘Create New Experiment’.
•    Select ‘Create’ in A/B Experiment.
•     Read ‘Before you start list’ and check relevant box
•    Enter a unique experiment name
•    Enter the relevant original URL of the page you intend to test
•    Enter the new page URL (the newly created test page)
•    Add another page and by clicking ‘add another page’ and repeat previous step
•    Enter your conversion page URL (the page deemed a test success)

Once this process is complete, you will be given the option to add the Javascript pages for the test. This can be sent to your web developer or if you know how, can be carried out by yourself through a step-by-step process.

Then you will be presented with an option to preview and start the experiment. Once the experiment starts, data will become available within 24 hours but depending on the nature of your conversion, it may take a longer time period for actionable data to become available.

When data is presented in your Website Optimizer report, you will be presented with a range of metrics on the estimated and observed improvement in the performance of each test page.

Act on Website Optimizer data to improve your online marketing campaign

The data presented by the Google Website Optimizer is of little relevance if it is not acted upon. It is important to accept the limits of the test presented by time and the variety of change and factor in elements such as general traffic peaks and troughs before deciding whether to make the relevant test changes permanent. For helpful tips, assistance and advice before using the Google Website Optimizer or any of our web design expertise, contact (1300 650 274) and see how we can help optimise your website’s performance for better conversions and increased sales.


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