Google+ will be second to Facebook in 2012

Google+ on target to become second largest social media site in 2012

Google+ is still in limited trial mode in Australia yet a US study predicts that it will become the second largest social media platform after Facebook by the end of 2012.

The study reveals that Google+ has already accounted for a portion of  audience engagement with both Twitter and Facebook with somewhere in the region of 25 million people having already set up accounts on Google’s social platform.

The trend thus far amongst Google+ users sees young, educated male adults as the earliest adopters of the new social policy.

The growth of Google+ in the US is predicted to exceed all other social media sites in the US, which will position the search engine to surpass LinkedIn and then Twitter and assume the undisputed position of Facebook’s greatest threat in the social media space.

The survey also illustrates to some extent the direct impact on Facebook with 30% of users confirming that they would reduce Facebook usage in 2012, most likely to spend that time using Google+.


What does Google+ take-up mean for Australian businesses?

The range of features on Google+ makes it a serious competitor for Facebook in 2012 and beyond and this is especially so in a country like Australia, where Google is by far the most commonly used search engine, accounting for in excess of 90% of all online searches in Australia. It seems only natural that searchers would like to have their social media and search platforms all in the same place.

Thus far Google are recommending not to create business pages as they are likely to create something specific for that type of user and audience. However Australian business owners can still actively promote social media usage amongst their target market and customer base.

Social media is a ranking factor and a powerful word-of-mouth tool and even five minutes per day engaging in social media is better than one day coming to the realisation that a strong social presence is a must-have.

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