Google Will Target Ads Using Email Addresses

Google will target ads using email addresses
Australian marketers can soon take advantage of Google’s new email address targeting tool called Customer Match.

IF YOUR business has a database full of customer email addresses, it’s about to become a lot more lucrative.

In one of the biggest stories of the digital marketing year, Google will soon let businesses target their YouTube and Google network ads to the exact people on their email list.

It’s a new tool called Customer Match, and it will allow Australian business to get better value for their advertising spend.

For example

A customer shares her email address with a clothing retailer when buying in-store. The retailer can then upload that address to Google to identify her when she’s using Google search or YouTube, and to target search or video ads to her for similar or complementary products, provided she signed in to Google with the same email address. sees the following businesses as being well placed to take full advantage

  • Off-line and online retailers wanting to promote repeat purchase activity
  • B2B marketers wanting to improve email and telephone engagement
  • Publishers with large email subscription bases
Google's Customer Match
Businesses with large email databases will benefit most from the new advertising tool.


There are major advantages for advertisers

  • Brand growth: The more concentrated your ad campaigns are, the greater influence you have within your target market
  • Increased conversion rates: You already know that the people who sign up for your email list are interested in your product or content. The more relevant the connection, the more likely the user is to buy
  • Cheaper click costs: By serving less ads to people outside your target market, you’re not burning as much budget on people who don’t know or care about your brand
  • Timing: With Customer Match, your brand is right there, with the right message, at the moment your customer is most receptive

Facebook customer matching already exists, and it works! 

Google’s Customer Match targeting option is similar to Facebook’s three-year-old Custom Audiences and Twitter’s two-year-old Tailored Audiences, but more pared down than the social networks’ versions.

All three products let brands target people based on their email addresses.

However, Facebook’s also includes people’s phone numbers, user IDs and mobile ad IDs, and Twitter’s includes people’s Twitter account handles.

Google’s new ability to harness consumer intent when they are close to making a purchase is something that Facebook lacks.

Customer Match and Similar Audiences will be available to advertisers in the next few weeks, according to Google.

What does it mean for Australian marketers? 

All top brands have gotten serious about managing data on consumers, amassing email lists and creating segments of their audiences — breaking them up by age, gender, income, household attributes — for marketing purposes. director Ewan Watt said it was now time every Australian business made growing their email lists a priority.

“In a world where it’s increasingly hard for your marketing message to “cut through”, Customer Match offers personalisation which helps business be more targeted and cost effective in marketing,” director Ewan Watt said.

“The window of opportunity will be limited before customers become more savvy on “ad blocking” in the future.”


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