Google’s +1 Button Live

+1 button now available to online marketers in Australia

Google has officially launched the +1 button after months of testing, expectation, speculation and skepticism and ROI take a quick look at what to expect from the new button in the immediate future.

Back in April we published an article on what Google’s +1 button means for Australian businesses, and another on the +1 Subdomain, and now finally, the Google +1 button has been launched worldwide.

Google trialed the +1 button earlier this year with a number of high profile sites in the US including Reuters and the Washington Post and now the +1 button is available to all websites owners, bloggers and online marketers.

The +1 button has been touted as Google’s answer to the Facebook Like button and many suggest it’s doomed to failure. Google have invested a great deal of effort in getting it right but it still lacks the interaction that Facebook and Twitter offers. Sure users can see what their friends or colleagues like but is that enough to make it really take off. Google will attest that it’s not their answer to the Facebook Like button and they will be happy if it generates enough data to at least make a start on profiling Google users, so we’re expecting to see the +1 button for quite some time and as you can see we have already added it to our blog.

If you would like to add the +1 button to your site, then following this link for the self-service code generator provided by Google: Google +1 code.

How does the +1 button deliver value to my business?

Business owners will immediately ask – how does this deliver value to my business? The most obvious advantage with any of these social media buttons is the word-of-mouth effect which has a far greater reach, at a far lower cost than offline word-of-mouth efforts. There are also ranking implications, perhaps not immediately but as the web develops towards delivering greater quality and user-relevance, those sites with the most +1’s, Likes, Retweets etc. are going to experience the greatest net benefit.

Google’s intention is to use the +1 button as a quality signal in search results. As they move towards delivering a customised search service, content liked (or +1ed) by friends and colleagues is more likely to appear in personalised search results.

Where will I see the +1 button?

The +1 button will appear in search engine results pages and on other websites that you use, similarly to how Facebook Likes appear.

To +1 things you like on the web you will need to create a new Google Profile or sign into one if you have created one already.

It’s yet another social media button to be aware of but if any of your target market actively engage in using +1, or Twitter or Facebook, then you as a business owner trying to serve that market need to make yourself heard wherever possible. The web and social media presents business owners with a cost-effective (albeit time-consuming) way of keeping your brand in your target markets mind on a consistent basis.

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