Google’s shift towards local results will benefit small business owners!

For many years, large businesses with big marketing budgets would typically rank top in Google Search for generic keywords that, in many cases, were just not relevant to them.

To use an example, when you typed in something like “Carpet Cleaning” in the past, there would just be listings of the businesses that tried their hardest to just go for one keyword; the listings would typically comprise of big companies that offer Australia wide services but did not specifically target any particular location.

But Google can tell the location(s) that people search from, and now it rewards the local businesses that have been targeting “Carpet Cleaning Sydney” for example, because the results are just simply way more beneficial and relevant to the user.

Why give a generic result that requires the user to click on 20 different websites to find what they want, when you can deliver separate, locally specific search results that benefit the user?

Please refer to the below screenshots to see examples:

Melbourne Results for “carpet cleaning”

Sydney Results for “carpet cleaning”

Brisbane Results “Carpet Cleaning”

 The moral of the story is, that if you rely on local custom, make sure you target those users through your SEO strategy.  This includes:

  • Threading location (Suburb/City/State) through your content
  • Generating local links by tapping your connections in the local area such as suppliers, community partners, local government, business listings, even the local footy club!
  • Utilising Google Places to assist in local results
  • Targeting location keywords with your SEO campaign, because they will assist you in ranking for generic terms that people searched based on your location.

There is no need to waste valuable time, effort and dollars targeting generic terms, because it’s simple – if you keep your content high quality and highly targeted, you will win big time in the end!

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