Grow Fast – Think and Measure Differently

My new year’s resolution was for to “raise the bar” when it comes to website performance reporting.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure, and if you are not measuring the right things your business is leaving potential value on the table.


Data Driven Marketing

Here are three facts most businesses do not know:

Local Business
Fact: Most of your local traffic will now be driven through Google+, where this traffic is not seen in Google Analytics.

Fact: Adwords has the most influence on buying decisions more than any other form of digital advertising, including organic SEO results. (Deloitte’s Survey 2015)

Fact: Assisted revenue will provide the most revenue growth for most Ecommerce businesses which is a combination of clicks from the user, yet most companies do not recognise or report on this.

To help you grow your business I have provided a good starting point to think differently about what’s important to measure when it comes to your website performance.

New Monthly Measures of Success for Businesses


  • Inbound phone calls from website
  • Inbound calls from Google+ page
  • Request for directions from Google+ page
  • Traffic to Google+ page
  • Mobile click to calls per
  • Traffic to Contact us or Location page


  • Number of sales per month from website
  • New sales pipeline or quote value from website per month
  • Number of qualified phone calls and email enquiries from website per month
  • Number of qualified events for each product/service area per month

E-commerce (includes assisted revenue)

  • Online and off line revenue per month
  • Average transaction value per month
  • Percentage of new customers versus repeat customers
  • Percentage conversion rate per month
  • Percentage ROI on Ad Spend
  • Percentage ROI on Organic
  • Percentage ROI on Social
  • Apply the same for each of your target segments ie: brand, best sellers, categories.


Want 20% + growth for your business?

You start by implementing these new performance metrics, get a new perspective on what part of your marketing is working.

Once this is in place, you will invariably to need to make some changes to your website to ensure its navigation is aligned to
your website performance metrics.

Want to see how your website performs?

Request a free report and get a fresh perspective on your digital marketing.

Thanks for reading.


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