Grow Your Online Sales Without Spending More Money

1. How to measure success – the basics

There is a saying ‘You can’t manage what you can’t measure‘. Therefore to manage your Adwords campaign you need to have the following core measures in place.

Do you know the following stats for your business in first quarter 2015?

  1. Current Adwords spend
  2. Number of sales leads generated – email and phone
  3. Number of sales generated
  4. % conversion rate of leads to sales
It’s amazing how many business owners get too busy to focus or spend time on analysing these numbers.

Other items you need to set up, if not already in place:

If you would like some help getting these metrics in place, just let us know and our friendly team can help.

2. Stop the wastage in your Adwords campaign

John Wanamaker (the father of advertising) once said: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” Of course, John was a pioneer of marketing over 100 years ago; in 2015, we have plenty of digital tools available that allow us to measure each and every cent we spend and identify any wastage in our campaign. Visit our Adwords page to find out more about these tools.

When was the last time you reviewed your Adwords campaign for wastage?

Broad Match – wasting budget on the wrong traffic:

Adwords is a great vehicle to drive traffic fast. However, this can mean that as you broaden your keyword selection, you can quickly start getting traffic from the wrong keywords.

Classic examples of keywords that unknowingly drive up your clicks and budget with the wrong traffic are “jobs”, “free”, plus “how” and “what” keywords.

Use a matched search query report to see the real keywords that people are using to find your website.

Question – Browse Keywords

Most of us use Googleto do research before we buy. When we start the buying process we will use generic keywords like ‘furniture’, we then may search for ‘leather furniture’, ‘leather couches Melbourne’, ‘4 seater leather couches Melbourne’

If you have a limited budget, ask yourself this question: Which customer would you prefer to reach, the qualified search or the browse search?

Optimise your budget towards more qualified buyers and your sales leads starts to grow both in quantity and quality.

Display Network – This is well known trap for young players.

However, we still see lots of new advertisers unnecessarily spending anything from to $1000-$2000 as the display advertising option is automatically turned on when you get started.

Unless you are running an advanced campaign, turn display off.

Paying too much for clicks

Most Adwords advertisers still do not know that their competition could be paying 2-3 times less for the same style of traffic. How? If your campaign has a click through rate of 4% and quality score of 8+, you will be paying a lower amount per click.

Sending traffic to your home page

If someone is searching for your brand name, it makes sense to direct the user to your home page. If the person has a specific need however, you should make sure they reach the right page. This helps to engage and build a potential relationship with the user.

Our stats show the average home page converts less than 2% of clicks into sales leads. 2% is a low reward for effort and you are much better investing these types of clicks into better conversion pages, otherwise it’s a wasted opportunity.

3. How to reach 100% of the Google search market

If you are like most people you occasionally search for your own Ads, just to make sure you are visible and that potential customers can see you.

Many people are not aware that Google has a measure called Impression Share. Your ads may not be appearing all the time due to the budget you have allocated or the quality of your campaign set up.

Here are four points you can use to see how much of the market you are currently reaching:

  • Impression share
  • Number of keywords
  • Importance of single keyword
  • CTR

4. Analyse your competition

If most business owners are too busy to measure their Adwords campaign, then our experience shows 99%+ of business owners are also too busy to analyse their competition on Google.

Customers have loads of choice on Google. Your customers will search multiple times and click on multiple sites. So, how are you trying to capture their attention, create a brand connection and create a value proposition superior to that of your competition?

Invest in this area and you’ll start achieving 2-3 times better conversion rates. Your sales team will love you and your competition will hate you!

5. Invest your Savings – Smarter

Hopefully you have found some bankable savings from the above tips. Now that you’ll have some extra funds per month, you can invest into areas where your business gets the best return.

  • Focus on your primary target market
  • Create benchmark quarterly performance for your target market
  • Develop advanced keyword generation strategies to drive more traffic in your profitable areas
  • Test new creative on your ads to understand the deeper needs of your target market
  • Implement at least 1 or 2 new web/conversion pages
  • Know your Adwords and organic cost per click, and spend the right amount in each area
  • Keep testing and measuring

Wishing you every online success!



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