Guaranteed SEO Rankings

With Guaranteed SEO Rankings – READ THE fine print!

The credibility of the search engine optimisation (SEO) industry has always been challenged due to the vast numbers of SEO ranking guarantees presented by different SEO companies, here in Australia and around the world. On face value SEO ranking guarantees are attractive to businesses as they appear to offer the return on investment you require from search engine optimisation.

However, if you been around the block in business you will know the devil is always in the detail and SEO ranking guarantees are no exception to this rule. The first question you need to ask is what is the definition of top rankings? – top 10, top 20, top 100 – there’s a big difference in what these rankings mean to your website. 99% of searchers consider the top end of the first page as the only place to be, so don’t be duped into anything less than page one guarantees.

Key questions to ask companies offering SEO ranking guarantees

What search engines? Google Australia, Yahoo or Bing– the vast majority of traffic still comes through Google, so that’s primarily where you want good rankings, everything else is secondary.

What keywords? This is very important. If you are offered number one rankings for a competitive keyword, steer clear – it can’t be guaranteed. Also, be wary of low traffic keywords – what’s the point of ranking for an obscure term that delivers no value to your business in terms of the business opportunity.

What time-frame? Time-frame for rankings is very important, especially if your company has a limited marketing budget. You want to see a healthy return on your investment in a reasonable time period. A SEO ranking guarantee that takes two years to deliver is going to eat into a fair chunk of your marketing spend without generating a return.

Accountability & Commercial Risk Sharing Are Better Safety Nets than ‘Guarantees’

As you can see from the small number of examples listed above there can be a large number of variables when it comes to SEO ranking guarantees.  No-one can ever offer iron clad guarantees of success in business as there are always too many uncontrollable variables, especially in a field as dynamic as search engine optimisation.

So, rather than evaluating your SEO company on their ‘guarantee’, make an assessment of their track record, plus the level of commercial risk they are prepared to take on your project and their accountability for delivering top rankings.

At, we don’t guarantee to get you number one rankings but we do offer a transparent service and guarantee that if we can’t deliver top ten rankings for at least half of your keywords within six months, you stop paying until we do.

One thing which is definitely true in business is this – you act differently when your own money is at risk. No words, guarantees or contracts will offer you more peace of mind than a company which is prepared to take a financial risk on your SEO results.  We invite you to ask about our unique performance-based SEO contracts which offer transparency and accountability.

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