Guide to Effective Website & SEO Copywriting

Quality, Informative Customer-Focused Content is Key For Websites

Google’s Panda algorithm is their 2011 assault on low quality websites. Now more than ever it’s important to set your website apart from the many sites producing low quality content. Google has stated that the focus on improving quality should be geared towards the end user and not towards securing better rankings.

While Google SEO keywords are still important in website content, cramming keywords into content purely for the sake of SEO is an old school optimisation tactic that all website writers and online marketers must abandon.

Website Content must be informative and fresh

In 2011 and beyond, Australian website owners and website content writers must consider how content on their website is helpful to their target market. Content encompasses more than just text and includes imagery, layout and functionality which all come under the umbrella of web design and that requires a different focus.

In terms of on-page website text, content needs to be informative and fresh. An integrated blog provides the best opportunity to do this as it doesn’t involve regular wholesale changes to a how a website appears to customers but still provides them with information they might find relevant. Relevance differs from industry to industry but no matter what industry you compete in, there is always something happening that customers can benefit from knowing. If you become the trusted source for such information, that trust breeds confidence and repeat business.

Website copy needs to appear natural

Getting back to keyword stuffing, it’s old school and even though it can contribute to better rankings, it’s a flawed, narrow-minded approach to online marketing. Website writers should bear SEO keywords in mind as they write for websites, but those keywords should not be included in an unnatural way. Websites written in this manner look poor, which can seriously impact on your brand.

Our skilled in-house website writers focus their efforts on writing appealing and interesting web content with natural integration of SEO keywords. We’ve written for hundreds of websites, so we know what appeals to customers and search engines.

Website Copy Contributes To How Consumers Perceive Your Brand

The way your website is written forms a part of the perception site visitors have of your business. That perception in the mind of your target market is what creates your brand and a strong brand is important to sustaining your business.

Internet searchers are an impatient breed. The phrase ‘never judge a book by its cover’ springs to mind – the vast majority of internet searchers (especially in B2C markets) , will dismiss websites based on their appearance or on poorly written website material.

Would you be happy giving your credit card details to a website that cannot compose a sentence in English?

Your website is often the first point of contact you have with a prospective customer, so it’s important to make the right impression. A simple, well-structured, well-written website will outperform an extravagant, costly design in most instances as consumers take confidence in the information presented.

Distinguish Your Business from the Competition with Professional Copywriting

Now that quality is high on Google’s agenda, the vast majority of businesses will have to adapt and commit resources to how they communicate with their target market through their website.

Professional copywriting services are an excellent means of setting your business apart from the rest. Why try second guessing Google’s complex algorithm by tweaking keyword density? Invest in copywriting and avail of a cost-effective means of differentiating your website as a superior quality, professional portal to your business.

Contact today on 1300 650 274 to speak directly to our experienced content writers and discover how well-written SEO copywriting can effectively contribute to growing your bottom line.

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