Handy Steps to Make The Most of LinkedIn Marketing

With acute targeting abilities and in-depth industry insight, marketing on LinkedIn can be a valuable marketing tool for any business. Summed up by their slogan ‘market to who matters’ this social media channel allows you to target individuals with a genuine interest in your brand or subject.

LinkedIn provides you with an audience that differs massively from other social media outlets. With a network of professionals and experts, hard-selling is frowned upon meaning that it’s important to stick to certain guidelines. Here we look at the best practice to refine and target your approach.

Uncover targeted connections, valuable to your business

LinkedIn is unrivaled when it comes to targeting. You can choose your industry, company size, job role and more to ensure you’re reaching people with a genuine interest in your service or product. Let’s say you’re an IT support agency for small businesses in Melbourne, target companies with fewer than 50 staff in this location. With just a few clicks you have a list of prospective customers at your disposal.

Stay on the radar

Any form of social media is an ideal way to stay in the mind of your current and prospective customers. LinkedIn is no different with daily statuses, weekly blogs and monthly emails the best ways to ensure a constant flow of information. This is a simple and inexpensive way to communicate with your audience, so utilise it to give your brand the outreach it deserves.

Post high-quality content

It’s no good putting in the time and effort to find your ideal audience if you’re not going to supply them with quality content. Here you can achieve two vital things to add value to your business; provide solutions to problems and become established as a thought leader in your field. Providing useful information for free rapidly grows a trust between you and your audience.

Grow your email marketing list

Once connected, use this to your advantage. If they’re keen to see your company updates then chances are they’ll be interested in receiving emails too. The best approach is using InMail to thank them for becoming a connection and inviting them to sign up to your email list.

Join groups & interact with key industry figures

Sharing, liking and commenting on the updates of industry-leaders, rising entrepreneurs, and successful companies will give your brand valuable recognition from your followers. This shows you are truly engaged and passionate about what you do and also helps you to learn and grow. Joining groups relevant to your demographic is a great way to interact and ‘listen in’ on hot topics.

Make your company page matter

Having your company or personal profile in order is vital to giving you a professional edge. This allows prospective customers to put a face to your company. It is also essential to make your profile reflective of your website and other social channels to ensure a consistent and updated presence. Including links to relating blogs and content on your site is a great way to drive traffic.

Use your connections to build relationships

Never underestimate how valuable each connection can be. Each one has the potential to be nurtured into a client or partner. Use InMail to directly connect with individuals and make them feel valued. As a professional network LinkedIn needs to be used to do exactly that; network with your audience, find out what they’re thinking and provide solutions and insight.


Each industry, each business, and each product requires different styles and approaches to their marketing, but with LinkedIn what is evidently most valuable is the power to have a targeted high-level of interest at your fingertips. To utilise this you must first establish your brand presence, then connect with your audience, and finally provide them with engaging content.

With 380 million users and 4 million registered companies LinkedIn is the perfect avenue to grow the reputation of your company. Avoid the hard-sell and provide genuine guidance and intriguing insight into your industry. Use sponsored posts, direct InMail, and general updates to provide a constant flow of information that keeps you on the radar and at the forefront of your audiences mind.


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