Happy Birthday Google – 15 Years On

From Boston Pandas to Caffeinated Penguins, Google has shaped the search engine world.

We pay homage with a flashback to the past Google logos.

A lot has changed in the last 15 years. From humble beginnings in 1998 to becoming the largest (and remaining that way) since 2000. Itthen went on to expand on being the largest search engine to take on the world with images, maps, gmail, Android systems, YouTube, Chrome and even its own phone.

In terms of SEO the world has seen many algorythim changes that have made more relevant results for users (and more headaches for businesses investing in SEO services) from the first named algorthim change “Boston” to more recent changes such as “Caffeine”, “Panda”and “Penguin”. It has even gone on as a birthday surprise to call it’s latest update “Hummingbird”.

A Brief History Google

Cheers Google you’ve made the Internet world a thrilling and exciting place.


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