Has your business been given the flu shot?


It’s that time of the year when unfortunately some of us catch a cold or the flu. But alas, there is no need to worry – just buy a “jab” of the flu shot and you’ll be fighting fit for the next six months….Right?

Whether it is your personal or business health, I have never been a subscriber to the one-solution-fits-all approach without the proper diagnosis being done.

For example – an annual flu shot won’t help somebody who’s suffering from a chronic tooth ache or a bout of gastro. The same principle applies to solving digital marketing problems.

One of the classic ‘fluff’ responses when business results are down is: “it is seasonal”.

This may be true, but has the hard work and diagnosis been done?

For example:

  • Is your overall traffic up or down?
  • Has your click-through rate gone backwards?
  • Is your conversion rate where it needs to be?
  • How effective have you been in winning market share?

In this era of digital marketing, almost everything can be measured and analysed, so I’ve collated a list of some of the quick-fix health remedies and compared these to some of the second-rate digital solutions in the marketplace.

Witch Doctor – SEO is better than AdWords
Berocca –  Friends say your website looks great, but the phone’s not ringing
Panodol Rapid – Increase your AdWords budget
Flu shot – Sign up for SEO rankings guarantee
Vitamins – Publish more content because apparently Google likes it
Voltaren – Boost your mobile site speed
Whey Protein – Invest in Facebook marketing because everyone is doing it

Unlock the real business drivers/ roadblocks

If you want sustainable and better results from your digital marketing, you need to perform a holistic review of digital and business performance.

A functional or quick-fix approach may help in the short term, but you run the risk of not solving the real issues which are impacting your ability to achieve your goals.

The ROI.com.au Digital Diagnostic

ROI.com.au adopts the following approach to helping our clients achieve their growth targets.

Step 1Make sure the period being analysed is relevant

  •  Try to exclude campaign or abnormal sales periods.

Step 2 – Review your website analytics data including

  • What was the variance in your total website traffic?
  • What was the variance in digital marketing channels?
  • What was the variance in user behaviour during this period?

Step 3 – Analyse your actual sales performance data

  • What was the variance in sales performance?
  • What was the variance in product performance?
  • What was the variance in sales leads?
  • What was the variance in leads to sales ratios?

Step 4 – Formal Diagnosis

  • Once you start to get a better picture on the key areas or data points that have been affecting your business performance, it’s time to formally recognise those issues and collectively agree which areas you choose to prioritise and work on.

Step 5Develop Solutions and New Measurement

This is where experience and discipline really counts.

We mutually agree on what your new measures will be, set historical benchmarks and then implement work specifically designed to improve the key numbers you have agreed upon.

Sounds easy, but all too often we are too busy or too hasty to jump to the solution, without taking the time to properly diagnose the issues.

If you want some help growing or reviewing your business, please let us know.


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