Hit A Bullseye With 2015 Budget Marketing

Targeted Marketing

FEDERAL Budget tax concessions are set to get small business spending again and clever digital marketing will help retailers and wholesalers cash-in on the expected binge.

The next six weeks shape as a rare chance for vendors of everything from cars to computers, and trailers to trampolines to spruik massive instant tax discounts for small businesses that buy their goods.

The Opportunity

With the annual end-of-financial year splurge about to begin and the bonus of 100% immediate tax deduction announced in the budget, businesses will effectively have more cash to spend than in previous years.

Therefore, anyone who sells goods to businesses should be rubbing their hands in anticipation of a bonanza. But the opportunity might slip through their fingers if they don’t nail their marketing strategy.

Holden dealers have been quick to jump out of the blocks with Adwords campaigns around keywords such as ‘2015 Federal Budget’ driving clicks to web pages advertising cars under $20,000.


Holden Adwords

But they have all missed a trick by not demonstrating the tax savings on the page and failing to brand, like Harvey Norman did below, with messages urging businesses to buy now and claim the deductions on this year’s tax return.

Our top tips to for businesses to capitalise on the Federal Budget tax concessions, which will continue until the middle of 2017, are:

1. Join the Dots – Campaign Landing Pages

Harvey Norman web promotion
Harvey Norman’s promotion went live the day after the Federal Budget.

Campaign pages should spell out why now is the best time for business customers to invest in productive assets. Setup a ‘Budget Price Busters’ page and show how much each item costs before and after the 2015 budget tax savings are calculated.

For example, companies buying a $20,000 vehicle will receive a GST rebate of about $1800 and a further cut in their tax bill of almost $5500 when they lodge their 2015 tax return. That’s $7273 they won’t have to hand over to the ATO after June 30 (assuming they are turning a profit) – and there’s no limit to the number of items they can buy to attract even more tax savings.

The tax discounts could be even higher for sole traders and state registered businesses paying marginal tax rates, depending on their taxable income and the number and value of assets they buy.

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2. Remarketing and eDMs

Integrate remarketing banners, email and social media campaigns to spruik the savings to people who follow your social media channels, subscribe to your newsletter and have previously visited your website.

Keeping front of mind when there are major savings to be had on the products you sell is an easy way to get the attention of your prospects and turn former customers into repeat buyers.

Remarketing – which is advertising to people who have visited a specific website as they browse other pages on the Internet – is a powerful digital marketing weapon most Australian businesses use but fail to fully exploit.

Marketing bannerWSI marketing banner

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3. Adwords

Be bold and experiment with keywords and Google predictive searches around the products you sell and the latest search trends on the Federal Budget.

Queries we found were trending included: ‘budget tax concessions’, ‘federal budget 2015’, ‘budget 2015’, ‘tax concessions 2015’, ‘current federal budget savings’ and ‘budget tax breaks’.

Some of these are yet to be snapped up by Adwords promotions, leaving the door open for smart business to rank at the top of Google search results with paid promotions.

There is also massive scope to go beyond keywords. Think market segments, topics, situations and customer pain points.

Example: A vendor of commercial vans could market the best vehicles under $20,000 and cleverly highlight the tax savings for business customers. The campaign ideas for other businesses are potentially endless.

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Google Search results

The above searches were all returning organic results for stories related to the Budget.

And the ubiquitous Holden ads (see above) were appearing at the top of the page as Google ads for many of them.

Need help sharpening your marketing to make the most of the 2015 Federal Budget? We’d love to hear from you.


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