How Changes to Google’s Shared Endorsements Policy will Affect You

Your Google+ Profile May Appear In Ads

Google has just announced updates to its terms of service, specifically regarding the way it uses your details and information in its content and advertising. It’s all part of Google’s expansion of its ‘Shared Endorsements’ policy.

So what does this mean for you?

For quite some time now, Google has used the images of people that have +1’d businesses with a Google+ page (as long as they have a Google+ page themselves). It was initially used just on their AdWords ads but was soon extended to their advertising network across the web.

These new changes to the terms of service will now also allow Google to use reviews you’ve written, star ratings you’ve given and just about any social interactions you’ve had with businesses through their Google+ page. Google won’t only use it for advertising either; it can be used amongst search results, Google Places listings, anywhere that Google spots an opportunity to be precise.

These changes will take effect from November 11, 2013. Here is Google’s mockup of how these shared endorsements will appear:

 Google’s Shared Endorsements Policy

Businesses looking to take advantage of these new changes and create their own ads using shared endorsements have been advised by Google to ‘stay tuned’ while it confirms that it has the appropriate terms in place to facilitate this usage.

Google users who are concerned about their privacy can opt out of being used in its shared endorsements, simply by clicking the tick box at the bottom of this page.

For more information about these changes to shared endorsements, feel free to read Google’s Terms of Service update.


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