How does Bounce rate relate to your SEO strategy?

Bounce rate has become a much talked about website performance metrics due to way it is prominently displayed in the Google Analytics interface. Bounce rate is displayed alongside your website traffic data so it’s hard to miss every time you login to see how your website performance is tracking.

Bounce rate refers to the percentage of unique visitors that arrive at your website and do not go beyond the first page they arrived on.  A high bounce rate is ok if you have designed landing pages where the objective of your SEO campaign is to convert users from a single page.

A bounce rate of 60% or more is generally considered high and should be a trigger for your business to review the keywords being used in your SEO strategy, or further improve the content or design of the page visitors are seeing when they first visit your site.  A high bounce rate is easily fixed so should not be considered a major issue in the ongoing success of your SEO strategy. 

Don’t be too hasty in dropping or changing keywords in your SEO strategy when you spot a high bounce rate. Your first option should be to work harder at trying to communicate more effectively with your audience. You have worked hard to gain the traffic, so don’t let the traffic go without at least making an effort to turn these clicks into customers. We are constantly surprised by how small content and design changes can make such a big positive impact to your online conversion rates.

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