How important are online tools in your SEO strategy?

Smart SEO

You may think your website has little or no need for SEO technology, as it may be ranking well naturally with top search engines owing to elements such as the history of your domain name or because the industry in which your business operates is not very competitive.

However upon a comparison of your website with that of your competitors you may discover a number of opportunities that you are missing.  

Even though your website may have better graphics, compelling content and a decent search engine ranking, it may be difficult to sustain this good ranking for an infinite period of time. Being at the top, does not translate to staying at the top if you do not guard this position. Your competitors are constantly implementing strategies to beat you, so if you sit on your laurels once you reach higher organic search engine rankings, it is only logical that at some stage their strategies will surpass your increasingly historic / lucky position.

According to a number of successful website administrators, you need to leverage the latest technological innovation + online strategies to stay ahead of the competition. As there are numerous factors that affect search engine rankings, it takes more than content to fully leverage all the emerging SEO opportunities. There are many approaches available today for leveraging different aspects of proven SEO technologies.

Essential SEO Technology Techniques

Website analysis tools are a good SEO technology tool with which to start. The purpose of this tool is to highlight problem areas with which you may not have been familiar. These types of website analysis tools also highlight the troubles that the search engines may be having with indexing / reading your website, thus the focus is more on the back end and the crawler rather than an aesthetic elements of your site.

This generally is available in the form of a toolbar / website add-on and consistently analyses the identified sites of your key competitors. It regularly monitors the popularity of such key parameters as keywords, keyword density, number of incoming-links (also where they are coming from), search engine rankings, vital sitemap information, and much more. This helps website owners to track what may be working better for their competitors so that they can implement relevant changes on their own websites. It also assists in assessing whether competitors are gaining ground on you when you are guarding the top positions.

In addition to mapping website content, smart SEO technology tools continuously track and create quality inbound-links for your site, where appropriate. The right SEO tools do this in many (ethical, ie: white hat) ways: creating automatic accounts, automating article submission to link directories / article directories and also submit links for your site. As the number of inbound links from good quality, relevant websites have a huge impact on your search engine ranking; these SEO technology tools prove to be very effective in the overall link building and website promotion process. On that note, it is important not to completely automate your link building process because you may end up with some detrimental links if you leave everything to technology!

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