How Important is a top 10 Google Ranking?

How Important is a top 10 Google Ranking?

The Online World

It is pretty natural for all of us as customers to want the best bargain right? After all, we love to get more for less. The e-wave unleashed by the internet has transformed almost all activities of both B2B and B2C customers. As the name suggests, ‘search engines’ is the customers’ best friend in today’s online world where they are used to search for better ‘shopping options’. Thanks to the increased sophistication of search technology and the brand credibility of search engine companies like Google, Yahoo and Ninemsn; customers are increasingly persuaded by the search engine results. Top rankings in search engine results represent the collective thinking of the ‘buying universe’ with similar customer preferences – globally.

Web led Marketing Decisions

The web is a very user friendly space, thanks to the free, unbiased and better comparative results given by search engines – on a 24/7 basis. Imagine having a trusted comparison aid that never lets you down, when you need it – all for free! Thus global opinion on search engine results is that it is amongst the most important ‘buying decision influencer’ – simply because ‘majority of consumer preference wins’!  As search engines become customers’ best friends, they become the natural choice for marketing spends too. No wonder, achieving higher search engine rankings through search engine optimisation (SEO) provides superior return on investment in all forms of marketingaccording to the latest (2007) research by Marketing Sherpa.  In fact, online marketing beats all forms of offline marketing initiatives with SEO leading at a return on investment of 70%. The next best marketing initiative is e-mail marketing at a return of 64.2%, closely followed by 64.1% from PPC. The best offline measure is PR with a distant return of 54%.

Why Google

As the most popular search engine, with almost 80% market share across major market regions, Google is the undisputed leader whose brand loyalty seems almost unshakable.  As the ‘pioneer-leader’ in the search engine space, known for the quality and credibility of its search engine results, Google is leagues ahead of other search engines in terms of innovative deployment of IT technology and expertise to ensure that its search functionality is steps ahead of the competition. User friendly features include prompts for incorrectly spelt search phrases. For this type of technique (a ‘Google-first’) the company employs thousands of consumer psychologists and language experts. So a marketing strategy that does not factor smart Google tactics in its budget may suffer in the long run. Even global goliaths like Wal-Mart are scared of Google providing its customer better (cheaper) buying options.

Top Google Rankings

A typical Google search throws up thousands of search results from across the world, as almost all businesses today have web pages, and everyone invests in posting information on web resources as e-directories, online press and e-associations / discussion forums. Most web visitors using the search engine are interested in the top results. People tend to view an object from top to bottom and read (most languages) from left to right. Getting the top 1-10 Google ranking on the left hand side of the search page is the best e-marketing result for any SEO effort. Remember the web visitor is a tired consumer who wants quick results, so chances are that the searcher will not have the patience to go beyond the top 10 Google search results.

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