How Much Do Online Reviews Affect Sales?


In Part One of our series about online customer reviews, we discussed how bad reviews can affect your business and how to deal with them. In Part Two, we explored the benefits of good reviews and how to get them.

In our third and final piece, we are going to show you how these techniques have been applied to a real life example.

Enter Nu-Eco, a window and door glazier in Melbourne and a current client of We spoke with Managing Director Tony Ciurleo about how online reviews work within his business.


“We initially received some reviews from some very satisfied customers without any prompts from us,” he said.

From those initial reviews, Nu-Eco received business.

“We started getting leads from the reviews.”

And not just from their review pages, with Ciurleo confirming that leads have come from customers inspecting their competitors’ review pages and deciding to go with Nu-Eco instead.

Ciurleo says the business now monitors Google+ and Product Review. They have also been active in replying to reviews they have received to ensure customers feel like they’re being listened to and appreciated.


review reply

Nu-Eco is also active in searching out industry forums and reading what others have said not only about their business, but their competitors as well.

We discussed this in our first article, which looked at the impact of negative reviews. Knowing where reviews and discussions about your business are occurring is vital in order to react to them.

Nu-Eco also has processes in place for dealing with online reviews.

“We follow up our installation with a phone call to check that the customer is completely happy,” Ciurleo says, “if there are any issues we get them resolved, if they are happy with the work we ask them to provide a review.”

As was highlighted in our positive reviews article, following up and ensuring a customer is happy once business is complete is key to receiving positive reviews. As is asking the client to provide a review.

star review

Ciurleo has another unique way of ecouraging reviews from customers.

“We do offer gift vouchers for their time in some cases, but stipulate that they are under no obligation to provide a positive review and ask them to be as truthful as possible.”

While reviews shouldn’t be paid for, requesting customers be honest and reminding them they are under no pressure to write anything specific, the reviews will remain authentic and carry more weight.

As you can see, reviews can play a huge part in a business, which can generate leads and new business. Ask us for more ways to grow your business.



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