How much is a number 1 ranking worth to your business?

We are surprised every day by the number of Australian businesses which are happy with the fact that most of the keywords they are targeting are on the first page of Google.  Sure, that’s better than not being ranked in the top 10 search results. However, it’s certainly not the time to be complacent.

A number 1 ranking in Google Australia generally provides 30-35% of the traffic for each keyword whilst a number 9 or 10 ranking provides approximately 1 or 2%. To put these keyword stats in perspective a keyword like “office furniture” which generates a total of  approx 10,000 searchers per month, a number 1 ranking delivers approx 36000 clicks per year, whilst a number 10 rankings would deliver 1200 clicks per year. This is a difference of 34800 clicks for 1 keyword in a 12 month period.  Wow, it makes you think about how big the difference in traffic could be across 100 keywords.

From a business perspective the stats get even more compelling as 34800 additional clicks per year with a 2% sales lead conversion rate and an average customer value of $1000+ has a bottom line impact of hundreds of thousands of $. And that’s for one keyword. We hope these numbers will act as food for thought when analysing the potential upside available to your business through the delivery of number 1 rankings in Google. delivered 228 number 1 SEO rankings in Google Australia to our clients for the first time in July 2010.  This was a stellar result from our passionate team.

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