How much should you invest in AdWords versus Search Engine Optimization?

Effectiveness of Google AdWords and SEO will depend on your business

This is a very common question and the right answer really does depend on the circumstances of your business. Key items to consider are the cost per click of running a Google AdWords campaign in your industry, the profit margins available from the Internet, the competitiveness of your industry online and the current rankings of your website in the major search engines.  All of these items will impact the optimum search engine marketing strategy that should be implemented by your business.

AdWords delivers instant traffic, Search Engine Optimization is more effective long term

AdWords will deliver you’re business instant coverage on Google across a wide number of keywords and provide quick website traffic which is ideal for increasing sales activity.  Whilst an effective Search engine optimization campaign should consistently increase your organic traffic month on month and help minimise the cost of search engine traffic generation to your website over time. This is why many people consider AdWords as a short term strategy and SEO a longer term search engine marketing strategy

As the search ngine rankings of your website improve most businesses increase their investment in search engine optimization as SEO generally provides a lower cost per click than AdWords. However, if both AdWords and SEO are generating a profit for your business our advice would be continue to increase your investment in both initiatives. As they say if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

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