How Quickly Does Google Index A Site?

Q. How quickly will Google re-index my pages after I’ve changed something on them?

A. It depends on how often you are updating the pages on your website. For example if Google sees a blog that regularly post updates then it will crawl and index that blog more often. On the other hand it can take months for Google to re-index inactive websites. By inactive we mean websites that only update the content on their site once every couple of months.

Other factors that impact the speed of your website indexation are backlinks and link structure. The stronger and more relevant your backlinks are and the more efficient your internal link structure is, the faster your website and the internal pages will get indexed. It has been suggested that manually submitting your URL to Google will speed up the indexation, but so far this has not been firmly proven therefore it is recommended that you should focus on getting some trusted and relevant backlinks to your site rather than manually submitting URL to Google.

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